Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Toronto Island Airport Gets Environmental Approval for Tunnel Link

Now that we have learned that a pedestrian tunnel would have no significant environmental impact and the fact that the TPA requires a an easement from the City to build any such tunnel, mayor elect Rob Ford must set a precondition that the outstanding tax arrears of $33,096,000 owing to the taxpayers of Toronto by the TPA shall be paid up in full prior to any further discussion with the city concerning the island airport expansion or consideration of an easement from the city for such a tunnel.

Until this precondition, that all TPA tax arrears are fully paid up, is met the enforcement of existing constraints on expansion must of course remain in effect.

Also the Canada Marine Act Regulation 2005-690 states, “the Toronto Port Authority shall not use, or permit any other person to use, the port to build a bridge or similar fixed link between the mainland of the City of Toronto and the Toronto Islands”.

One would hope that the waterfront community and the Island airport could hopefully reach a compromise position on any proposed expansion of the airport facilities which would be for the benefit of all Torontonians in the not too distant future.

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