Saturday, December 11, 2010

Ontario Works Program Requirements Lacking Permanent Residence and Canadian Citizenship Eligibility Requirement?

Apparently at present the main eligibility requirement for people seeking to receive benefits of financial assistance and other such program and service is that the person be living in Ontario without first having to be a Canadian citizen or legally landed immigrant.

Experts put the number of undocumented immigrants in Canada at between 175,000 and 250,000 people.  While it is illegal for companies in Canada to hire undocumented workers this law is rarely enforced because of Toronto’s  Don’t Ask” policy.

Many illegal immigrants in Canada are failed refugee claimants who never leave the country, or people who overstay visas. In Toronto and Vancouver there are a large number of undocumented people who are working in the underground economy.

It further appears that the city under the previous administration ran up a bill in excess of $53 Million dollars for services that are over and above the mandatory health services required by the province.

To date the province according to Andrew Chornenky has paid out over $135 Million to the city for welfare alone this year. However it seems that the previous city administration was asking for an additional payment of some $35 Million for what I am not sure?

At present the city thanks to taxes paid by Toronto taxpayers  helps with additional health costs for people living in Toronto that the province does not reimburse because one assumes they were not mandated service that the province is willing to pay for and rightfully so.

Toronto taxpayers presently fund such services as 
1.    Ontario Disability Support Program,
2.   Dental services,
3.   Eyeglasses and eye care,
4.   Health benefits for people leaving Ontario Works,
5.   Medical supplies and special devices,
6.   Medical transportation,
7.   Medication,
8.   Physiotherapy services,
9.   Special diets,
10. Other health related resources? 

The question that must be answered, if we are paying these costs to non citizens, is why when Canadian citizenship should come first?

The MPP responsible for the Ministry of Community and Social Services is James J. Bradley, MPP


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