Thursday, December 2, 2010

Our Toronto City Council Should Implement a Zero Based Budgeting Process for 2011 ?

 I strongly believe Mayor Rob Ford and his new administration can come in with No tax Increases for 2011 and replenish the city reserve funds if.....

He insists that a zero base budgeting process be put in place for all city departments, services, commissions and programs for 2011 and beyond immediately.

A zero-based budgeting process requires that the existence of a government services and programs be justified in each fiscal year, as opposed to simply basing budgeting decisions on a previous year’s funding level.  As such it would force all city departments, commissions etc. to assign every dollar of income to an expense (or savings) category.

This ZBBP puts the burden of proof on the Commissioner and managers and demands that each justify the entire budget in detail and prove why he or she should spend the taxpayers money in the manner proposed. As In zero-based budgeting, each dollar spent by management must be justified with a detailed account of what will be spent

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