Monday, November 14, 2011

Bikes must be Defined as a VEHICLE under Traffic Laws and

Complete awareness concerning the use of highways, roadways and city streets will not be solved by better infrastructure but through amendments to traffic law that defines and includes bikes, e bikes, and bicycles as a VEHICLE and thus treats all users as equals under traffic laws.

The NDP and all political parties should be demanding that bikes, e bikes, bicycles be classed and defined as a VEHICLE under all laws similar to a motorcycle if they honestly want to accomplish respect for roadways, highways, city streets and country roads by all users on an equal footing.

Also, the mandatory wearing of a bike safety helmet regardless of the person age for all bike riders, e bikes, cyclists, etc. when peddling  or otherwise on public roadways, city streets, country roads and highways.    

These are the simplest most appropriate measures that are urgently required for saving lives, the abuse of traffic laws and to legally curb alcohol use by all including cyclists and bike riders.

If politicians truly and honestly desire making our cities and country more cycle friendly so that bike riding, bicycling commuters, pedestrians and motorists can safely coexist as equals on city streets, roadways and highways these amendments should be made immediately and without further delay.
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