Sunday, December 4, 2011

Arab League Countries are Not Democracies but Under Monarchy Rule.

The free world must carefully analyze what truly is behind the actions of the Arab League of Countries when 10 out of the 22 member states are ruled by a Monarchy and not duly elected representatives of a democratic form of government?

Such Monarchy’s, throughout history, have more than not been controlled by outside puppet masters that allowed them to survive and flourish at the expense of the citizens these unelected royals were supposedly to represent. 

Why is it that these unelected absolute monarchy style regimes, supported by western powers and the UN and its human rights committee, are now seeking to grab the assets and resources of Syria?

Why do these groups seek to impose hardships on the very citizens of Syria who they claim are already being suppressed by the elected representatives of the Republic of Syria which is not under the control of an absolute monarchy?

There are no moral, ethical or international legal rights that allow any country or the United Nations or any other organization to interfere in the internal affairs of another sovereign state.

Any country that interferes with the internal affairs of another sovereign state without first having been legally granted or requested permission to do has then allowed for a state of war to exist between such countries.

With the Arab League having called for sanctions, embargos and frozen the state assets of Syria they in effect have declared war on the citizens of Syria and the duly elected government of the Republic of Syria.

It is not up to outsiders to decide what from of government or imposed religious doctrine is best for Syria or to take sides during its internal civil.

It is up to the citizens of Syria who represent the people from both sides of this civil war to achieve their own outcome of this extremist Islamic religious internal conflict started during the Arab Spring Uprisings in Syria and elsewhere.

The recent election results from Egypt should be a warning and an awaking to all western powers as to the true cause and meaning of the Sunni Muslim Arab Spring Uprisings throughout the Middle East and Northern Africa.

Egypt shall NOT have freedom from its’ so called activists revolution.

It shall however be under the administration of a fundamentalist Sunni Islamic political party controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood and backed by the Wahhabis/Salafis who consider themselves to be 'non-imitators' or 'not attached to tradition' and therefore NOT answerable to any school of law at all.

Is this the fate the so called free world along with the Arab League of Monarchy’s want for the Syrian people?

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