Saturday, December 3, 2011

Is the Attempt to Overthrow the Syrian Government Orchestrated by Armed Radical Islamic Extremist Sunni Fundamentalists and Other Civilian Groups?

 First, it takes two sides to create a surge in civilian violence across a country.

In Syria, as was the case in Libya and Egypt during the so called Muslim Spring Uprisings, the UN and western powers have no clue as to the true purpose of these tribal revolts supported by fanatical religious political groups and army deserters.

All estimates by the UN of death tolls or reports of violence in Syria are one sided propaganda reports coming from the radical revolutionary activities that started this Syrian civil war.

These unverified reports concerning the internal civil war raging on in Syria remain a one sided propaganda effort that have NOT been confirmed by any independent reputable foreign journalists.

Secondly was Syria’s civil war started by Muslim sectarian religious groups supported by army deserters and encouraged on by the UN and western powers?

Is the UN and western powers, contrary to the original charter of the United Nations, as was the case in Libya and Egypt, once again seeking to illegally intervene in the internal affairs of one of its' member states?
It is up to the citizens of Syria who represent the people from both sides of this civil war to achieve their own outcome of this extremist Islamic religious internal conflict started during the Arab Spring Uprisings in Syria and elsewhere.

It is not the business of the UN, western powers or any foreign state to interfere in the internal affairs of another sovereign country as stipulated within the Charter of the United Nations.

The recent election results from Egypt should be a warning and an awaking to all western powers as to the true cause and meaning of the Sunni Muslim Arab Spring Uprisings throughout the Middle East and Northern Africa.

The Egypt people shall NOT have freedom from its’ so called activists revolution started during the Arab Spring Uprisings but rather a barbaric from of religious discrimination.  

It shall however be under the administration of a fundamentalist Sunni Islamic political party controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood and backed by the Wahhabis/Salafis who consider themselves to be 'non-imitators' or 'not attached to tradition' and therefore are NOT answerable to any school of law at all as they have openly acknowledged.

Is that the fate the free world wants to happen in Syria?

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