Thursday, December 29, 2011

Not one of the members or leaders of the SNC or the SFA has been duly elected by the Syrian people! They all are a De facto class of un-elected, self anointed and exiled individuals attempting to represent the Syrian people.
The western media for propaganda reasons the continually refers to this non democratic and self appointed De facto group of exiles, who reside outside of Syria in Turkey and France, as the opposition and would have the world believe that the SNC was formed purely for the protection of the unarmed citizens of Syrian and its resources.      

For the record the creation of the SNC was publicly reported not from within Syria but from Istanbul Turkey.

Its’ members are listed @

We should keep in mind the important and practical facts that the puppet regimes of Libya and Egypt are the only nations to recognize this De facto group of self anointed and unelected Syrian exiled individuals.

Unlike other countries and some governments that make up the Arab League, Syria is a duly Republic with constitutional power linked to a single political party and not a constitutional or absolute monarchy like the United Arab Emirates, Monaco, Morocco, Liechtenstein, Kuwait, Jordan, Qatar Oman, North Korea, Morocco, Libya, Fiji, Eritrea, Egypt, Brunei, Bhutan, Bahrain, Sahrawi Republic, Tonga, People's Republic of China, Turkmenistan or Vietnam to name a few.

From the statements of others “that the opposition has been badgered and pressured by Western Powers, Pundits and experts to form a committee to speak on their behalf,” hence the SNC,” it remains my belief that this De facto group referred to as the SNC is speaking on behalf of their puppet masters and their own personal political self interests against Syria’s single political party in power and not the Syrian people. 

I am not pro revolution, anarchists or prop regime but pro facts and as we all are well aware civil wars, as brutally as they are, consist of two similar factions killing one another to gain economic status and control power.

With not one member of this SNC De facto group elected by a majority of the Syrian I stand by my opinion and statement that the SNC is a fraudulent organization regardless of their individual esteem.

Armed protester’s, rebels, insurgents and army deserters are killing people as are Syrian government forces and their supports. Maybe the world does not like it but it is a Syrian domestic civil war under the jurisdiction of the state.

As such it must be decided by the Syrian people from both sides fighting within Syria without outside intervening by western powers, pundits, academic experts or the United Nations for their own political and economic interests as was the case in Libya and Egypt.

Further it remains my position and opinion that this civil war in Syria is definitely under the domestic jurisdiction of the state of Syria and as such it is time that France, Turkey, USA, Britain, Canada, Libya, Egypt, Iran, the displaced Palestine's fighters and all others to butt out of the internal domestic affairs of Syria or attempt to legitimize the SNC as the official opposition of the Republic of Syria. 

If the regime is doomed then the Republic of Syria along with its constitution and all the legal citizens of Syria will once again be controlled by outside interests and the establishment of Sharia law as most likely will be the case in Libya and Egypt with more Middle Eastern countries to soon follow. 

Unfortunately the EU and the US do not have a clue as to what is truly taking place throughout the Regime similar to their mishandling of the Croatian, Serbs, republic of Krajina, Bosnia, Herzegovina and the Bosnian Serbs conflicts that are presently on hold. 

But that is for another day.

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