Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Councillors Josh and Josh Play a Jewish Roulette Game with Taxpayer Dollars.

It was not a Hail Mary or Save the Children vote, as the media has called it, but a roulette gamble played out by two Toronto Jewish councillors Josh and Josh that in the long term shall actually cost Torontonians and extra $500,000 yearly or a bit less in additional interest payments on the city’s debt for the next 20 years.
Toronto it seems has 23 Councillors who are either unable or lack the financial knowledge and experience and the political capability of re-prioritizing their continued unsustainable habits of spending and borrowing.
This is not how elected representatives should work with our money.
It was not at all in the best interests of the majority of Toronto taxpayers and definitely not a prudent or fiscally responsible way to deal with the city continuing debt crisis.  

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