Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Gold Plated Salaries of Elite City Councillors and Canadian Politicians Have Left the Rest of Us Footing the Bills.

Toronto city councillors have an annual salary of $99,619.52 plus an annual tax free expense account of $30,000 on top of their 100% taxpayer paid extended health and dental coverage, life insurance of 2 times salary, long term disability at 75% of salary, mileage reimbursed @ 52 cents per kilometer, one years full salary and benefits upon leaving office and OMERS pension plan.   

All Ontario members of the legislature recently received a 25% increase which resulted in cabinet minister’s salary rising to $157,633 in addition to benefits and expense accounts. 
Canadian federal cabinet members in parliament enjoy an annual salary of $218,500, plus expenses, benefits and lavish pensions. 
The elected provincial members of the legislature receive an annual salary of $126,321 plus expenses, benefits and pensions at the same time our federal elected members of parliament are paid an annual salary of $147,700 plus expenses, benefits and pension. 
All these politician's salaries, expense accounts, benefits and lavish pensions, of course, are paid for on the backs of  Canadians with the average annual salary of a mere $44,366?    
Thus it is not just only the top executives but over paid basketball, baseball, hockey, tennis and soccer players etc. along with actors and actresses who ALSO play a significant role in driving the growth in income inequality throughout Ontario, Canada and the world. 

Talk about media hypocrisy…


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