Saturday, January 7, 2012

Self Anointed Opposition De Facto Groups of the SNC and FSA Responsible for Terrorists Bombing Attacks Against Unarmed Syrian Children and Women?

The so called Syrian opposition is made up of armed forces deserters, Syrian exile members of the de facto groups like the SNC (Syrian national council), FSA (free Syrian army) and non Syrian fanatic extremists for a free Palestine along with the Muslim brotherhood for Sharia law and all are doing battle against the Assad regime and the Syrian people.

Recent bombings in Damascus have the finger print tactics of continually used by al- Qaeda, fundamentalist Sunni Muslim terrorists groups and others from throughout the region in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Egypt and Jordan.

How can the Canada, the USA and other western powers support such radical extremists and fanatical religious non elected but self anointed individuals and armed forces deserters and terrorists who call themselves the opposition and then proceed to intentionally detonate 10 kilos of highly flammable explosives in the centre of Damascus next to a primary school, shops and a mosque?

The Turkey based and self anointed commander of these Syrian army deserters a Colonel Riad al-Asaad recently stated to the world that "All operations against the Syrian regime are to be stopped except in a situation of self defense."

The western media for propaganda reasons continually refers to this non democratic and self appointed De facto group of exiles, who reside outside of Syria in Turkey and France, as the opposition and would have the world believe that the SNC and FSA was formed purely for the protection of the unarmed citizens of Syrian and its resources.

These armed protester’s, rebels, insurgents, army deserters and terrorists under the banner of an opposition are killing people as are Syrian government forces who continually claim that Syria is fighting Islamist militants steered from abroad. Maybe the world does not like it but it is a Syrian domestic civil war under the jurisdiction of the state.

The Syrian people from both sides fighting within Syria without outside intervening by western powers, pundits, academic experts or the United Nations for their own political and economic interests must decide the outcome.

However it remains my position that this civil war in Syria is definitely under the domestic jurisdiction of the state of Syria and as such it is time that France, Turkey, USA, Britain, Canada, Libya, Egypt, Iran, the displaced Palestine's fighters and all others to butt out of the internal domestic affairs of Syria or attempt to legitimize the SNC as the official opposition of the Republic of Syria.

If the regime is doomed then the Republic of Syria along with its constitution and all the legal citizens of Syria will once again be controlled by outside interests and the establishment of Sharia law as most likely will be the case in Libya and Egypt with more Middle Eastern countries to soon follow. 

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