Saturday, February 4, 2012

City Bargaining Negations with Its Unions Finally Become a Two Sided Affair.

Strike votes, illegal wild cat walkouts and work to rule negating tactics have been used by unions as a provocative and threatening tool for the past 50 years.

However when the tables are turned and elected representatives of management finally starts to understand and start incorporating similar negotiating tools legally available to them these same unions cry bully tactics or bad faith bargaining.

Seems the union leaders might have completely forgotten that hard nosed bargaining is not a one sided coin.

Taxpayer funded public workers for decades through their unions have continually been allowed to impose hardships on citizens and residents of Ontario, Toronto and Canada with their unsustainable benefit, pension and wage demands on the backs of the average Canadians with an annual salary of a mere $44,366 compared to the annual average salary of $63,500 including benefits and pensions for city workers.  

How many Torontonians, other than those working for the city, are guaranteed a job for life after a mere  5 years of employment and coupled with the further guarantee of a continuing annual pay increase of 1.25% in 2012, 1.50% in 2013, 1.75% in 2013 and a 1.75% pay increase for 2014 before any performance reviews are made of your job performance?

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Toronto will now struggle to do more with less

The City of Toronto is Not a Profit-Fixated Cooperation, stated Peter Clarke. 

"For far to long now unions and left leaning councillors supported by the main stream media have completely forgotten that these city jobs that CUPE members count on are paid for by the taxpayers and residents of Toronto."

"Further services performed by union or non union workers are taxpayer funded services that both classes of workers rely on for their daily jobs. Asking for a job for life was a NO DEAL and FAR too MUCH for the average taxpayers of Toronto." Feb 6, 2012 8:44 AM

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