Wednesday, February 1, 2012

City’s integrity commissioner Plays Politics by using her Unelected Position and Thrusts Her Heals into Ford Politics.

One would think that after putting her foot in her mouth during the Mayoralty race in 2010 on behalf of  left leaning councillors against Ford for using city letterhead she would have leaned her lesson.


Unfortunately that has not been the case, as with an apology already been given, Janet Leipere the city's integrity commissioner is attempting once again to use the unelected position of the office to illegally insist on her wording or wording only acceptable to her for any apologies that are offered or uttered by the Ford brothers on council.  

The integrity commissioner states that “councillor Doug Ford has violated her code of conduct with "intimidating language," and even though councillor Ford has already apologized to this disgruntled x city employee it was not good enough for her?


In my humble opinion with an apology already given the integrity commissioner has No Right or Authority to Demand the Contents or Wording of Any councillors Apology even if his name happens to be Ford.

Sounds like an ongoing political set up to me especially  when this former city employee used such words like “accosted” in an “aggressive tone” but then finished by stating “He then nervously turned around and walked away.”

It is not up to this accuser or the integrity commissioner to dictate how any apology by either party should be worded, stated or written.

This x employee did not like and thus did not accept Fords apology and now the integrity commissioner is playing politics with her continued ruffling the councillors feathers by her own attempts to write an apology in her words and not the councillors.

Both the commissioner and the disgruntled x employee did not and do not want to accept the apology given as they obviously wish to continue playing politics for their own personal vendettas.

Many Torontonians are once again asking that the integrity commissioner, Janet Leiper, reveal why she continues to thrust herself into the ongoing political campaign against the Fords?

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