Saturday, February 11, 2012

Stinz’s Political Mein Kampf for the SS of Toronto’s Gridlock, Traffic Jams, Congestion will Cost $2 Billion Plus Annually?

The political far left leaning ideologies of the main stream media has a new political hero with K.S. since her back stabbing introduction of a Toronto Transportation Congestion Plan embracing above ground, centre of the road, single street cars for Toronto’s major east west arterial city roadways.

Toronto is moving backwards not forwards with its continued war on cars while costing city taxpayers between $5 to $8 Billion annually because of traffic jams and traffic congestion.

TTC studies, as reported a few years back showed that street cars or LRT create gridlock in both directions along with traffic jams which of course cause pollution.

A majority of taxpayers and residents of Toronto already are aware of the facts that once subways are built they are by far much cheaper to maintain and no snow removal from tracks or overhead wiring are necessary.

Councils and perhaps that of the province in supporting the SS platform by endorsing the left leaning political Mein Kampf motion put forward by Steinz, encouraged by the TTC and main stream media, could conceivably add an additional $2 to $3 Billion cost in lost productivity, through far more traffic congestion, above ground arterial roadway construction, loss of business, as was the case with the St. Clair single street car line and most likely shall come in 100% over any TTC budget estimates.

All of which DO NOT represent world class forward thinking when it comes to using property taxpayer funds for investing in public transit or the enhance and encouragement of future economic strength for the city of Toronto and its residents.

Democracy thrives and succeeds only through the will of the voters and this political Mein Kampf transportation vision  offered up by councillor Karen Stinz, with the back door support of the TTC and as supported by council, must go before the voters to decide.

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