Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Every One has Individual Rights Including Toronto’s Mayor Rob Ford.

No Mayor has a Duty to Represent any Special Interest Group and Especially Not One that Continually has Mocked his Individual Rights and Beliefs.

Mayors do not have to attend any parade be it St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, Khalsa Day, Caribana or the Santa Clause parade.

Mayor Ford unlike his political predecessors has shown that he cannot be molded like play dough by the left leaning ideologies of special interest groups supported by muckraking journalists and self serving politicians.

When forced to choose between his personal moral rights or giving in to threats and intimidation Mayor Ford once again has shown voters that as Mayor he shall not turn his back on his personal family principles for the sake of political expediency in support of deconstructionists or special interest groups and has again stood his ground as an individual.

PS. Why the constant yearly push by the media to force the Mayor and other non gay and lesbian Toronto residents to conform to a lifestyle and believe that they do not share?  
If we are a truly free and democratic country, citizens must have the basic individual right to decide for themselves or has it become the goal of the main stream gays, lesbians and bisexuals to force its ideals onto Torontonians and others in their attempt reduce individual rights to create a  society that must conform to only one viewpoint?
And when one does not conform you are instantly labeled a homophobic!      
Do not get me wrong as I am not suggesting that lesbian, gay and bisexual individuals not be allowed to hold and have their personal beliefs and ideals.

I have the strong position that individual’s within our Canadian society must be allowed to decide for themselves what is best for them as an individual and not be chastised by the media or special interest groups for holding an opposite viewpoint from those of  bisexuals, gays and lesbians.   

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