Sunday, April 22, 2012

Higher Taxes and a Deal with the NDP Not the Answer.

The NDP has always been a political party that helps themselves to the property of others and which they shall never stop.
Have we all forgotten the NDP Rae government?
The best way to grow the economy and reduce government debt is by reducing NOT increasing the taxes on income by an by an across the board reduction in personal and corporate income tax cuts as recommended by the late John F. Kennedy.
Class warfare through higher income distribution by those who already pay the highest taxes is NOT the answer.
Time that the 34% of Ontarians who pay NO federal or provincial income tax to pay a minimum tax of $1,000 per year and eliminate some of the tax loopholes that exist for corporations.
The NDP seems to believe that union jobs are a luxury to be paid for by others.
Let us not forget that the US A's economy is very similar to ours and they tried a 10% tax surcharge or luxury tax on the so called rich and discovered that higher taxes rates generated less revenues for government than anticipated.   
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