Monday, April 16, 2012

Once Again Pride Toronto Issues Invitation to Toronto Mayor Rob Ford.

Another political stunt by this special interest group for their continuing attempts to mock the Mayor and other individual thinkers for their personal believes relating to personal family values.

These same organizers along with gay and lesbian parade marchers who last year mocked the mayor for not attending their gay and lesbian festivities now have decided to once again attempt to impose their choice of values on the Mayor and the entire community.
One’s individual family values and moral principles, including those of Mayor Ford are a sign of strength which superseding gay and lesbian politics along with those of the Gay Media’s Maelstrom Hysteria and Muckraking Journalists.
Mayor Ford unlike his political predecessors has shown that he cannot be molded like play dough by the left leaning ideologies of special interest groups supported by muckraking journalists and self serving politicians.
When forced to choice between his personal moral rights or giving in to threats and intimidation Ford once again should not turn his back on his family principles for the sake of political expediency in support of lesbian and gay deconstructionists but again stand his ground as an individual.

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