Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Primary Goal of All Revolutions or Civil Wars is Power.

How can the media or the world truly and realistically trust unconfirmed one sided biased reports from activist, revolutionary dissidents from either side of this Syrian civil war and revolution?

Who are the Puppet Masters and Wire Pullers attempting to dictate a one sided ceasefire?
Why is it that these biased and unconfirmed propaganda reports, dictated to the world’s media by activists and revolutionaries, relating to any mounting violence are always committed solely be Syrian government forces?
No mention ever of the army deserters and revolutionary attempts of lawless by mob rule, which are also criminal act of aggression and crimes against humanity, too overthrow Syria’s constitutionally and duly elected government?
No blame placed on the revolutionary military bureau, set up by the unelected De facto self anointed revolutionary Syrian National Council members or the revolutionary free Syrian army deserters, to coordinate the revolutionary armed opposition to the legitimate government in power!  
In all probability the world is witnessing desertions from Syria’s armed forces on the basis of clan alignment and radical Islamic religious beliefs! 
When military personnel go AWOL and then put on masks and commence massacring their former comrades in uniform they are committing treason against the people they swore to protect and then proceed to kill fellow citizens that they took an oath to keep them against such lawlessness and anarchy?

For such deception and treasonous acts under the name of an unelected opposition, the exiled revolutionary council and the Syrian free army deserters are all subject to and must be held accountable and punishable by military under international law for any of these traitorous or terrorist actions and killings of civilians!
Anyone who understands history realizes that the primary goal of every revolution or civil war is that of gaining power as power is considered the crucial target of all revolutionary's.
And  the world media can rest assured that these revolutionaries themselves made up of military deserters are NOT going to pledge or recognize any UN backed ceasefire or one offered by the current leaders of power in Damascus.
Thus the possibility exists that Syrian security forces who deserted from the military known as the Free Syrian Army supporting the De facto self anointed revolutionary unelected Syrian National Council members where the ones who actually shot dead four civilians on a bus in the northern province of Idlib on Wednesday and many other such domestic terrorists acts.
Further it has become increasingly clear that two goals of the Arab Muslim spring uprisings, a year ago along with the foreign assisted civil war of Libya and the anarchist’s revolution in Egypt, were  to establish Sharia law through militant secularization revolution by incorporating Islam as the state religion and to achieve financial control of the country’s oil resources.

The ancient Arabic translation of Sharia law relates to a path to the water hole and considering today’s position could cause the route to the oil holes? 

Syria’s oil and gas reserves opposed to those of Egypt and Libya remains a top secret of its duly elected government and Islam is not currently the state religion.
Now Syria currently produces some 401,000 barrels of oil per day compared to the 662,600 (bbl/day) produced by Egypt and the 1.789 million (bbl/day) of oil produced by Libya. 

The UN and peoples acceptance by condoning the treasonous acts of deserters, from the Syrian government’s armed force, based on their claim that the elected Syrian government has “lost their legitimacy” and that “the free Syrian army to work hand in hand with the people to bring the regime down, protect the revolution and the country’s resources” sure sounds like a declaration of war, by Syrian army deserters, against the duly elected and recognized leaders by the Syrian people.

Please keep in mind the very important and practical detail about these De facto self anointed groups of unelected individuals that it is Libya and Egypt, two countries in turmoil because of outside interference, are the only nations to recognize this De facto revolutionary group besides France.

One would think that after what happened in Egypt and especially after the Libya fiasco the time and now with these self anointed and unelected opposition groups formed by De facto entities the UN and most legitimate government representative at the United Nations would now abide by the founding charter of the UN?

The United Nations charter states that nothing contained in the present Charter shall authorize the United Nations to intervene in matters which are essentially within the domestic jurisdiction of any state or shall require the Members to submit such matters to settlement under the present Charter.

The civil war in Syria is definitely under the domestic jurisdiction of the state of Syria.

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