Saturday, May 5, 2012

Clarke, I Believe the Mayors Neighbour, NOT the Star or Dale Daniel!

My conclusion, after reading and viewing both Daniels’s and the Mayor's statements and watching the public interview videos, is that this Star reporter was not being fully honest or transparent with his statement or about his actual activities with his cell phone at dusk lurking around the exterior of the Mayor’s family residence.
The one and only truly independent observer of the events was the Mayors neighbour, not any employees or spokespersons for the Star’s version of events.
This Mayor's neighbour clearly stated that he saw this guy stepping on the cinder blocks end of story!
Besides what kind of gaffe-prone so called award winning journalist from his De facto group of other so called journalists would be out at dusk or night with a cell phone camera attempting to do a story?
More likely he was attempting to continue the ongoing premeditated provocations against Toronto's Mayor for the sake of a story!
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  1. Finally, a sane and reasonable viewpoint. Thank you for pointing out what should have been obvious to so many people.


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