Monday, May 7, 2012

European Union Constitution Not Conceived by We the People

The media and other supports of a new world order would have us all believe that the E U’s constitution is a force for democracy, human rights and of course the protection of minorities.
However, the truthful fact is that the constitutional settlement of the EU was adopted in defiance of the will of its citizens within its own boundaries. 

Let's keep in mind that the constitution of the USA commences with We the People, whereas the EU constitution, as amended under the European Treaties, starts with His Majesty the King of the Belgians!
From its beginning the EU dismissed the referendum results from the citizens of those countries within its own borders in favor of a constitutional structure that in reality is essentially and without question anti democratic in nature.
A document initiated from the top down by aristocrats, technocrats and lifelong bureaucrats for their desire of a community of people that an overwhelming majority of European citizens did not accept.
The EU, similar to other ultra nationalistic European governments in the past that had no time for a parliamentary democracy, has accepted undemocratic constitutional means in determining a method for a united Europe.
Its formation and constitution achieved relevant majorities in the legislative bodies by not accepting the referendum results or by the ballots of its citizens.    
The EU was a reorganization from the top down of the body politics that throughout the history of Europe by numerous previous leaders spoke for the forced creation of a socialistic community of the people by the government technocrats and bureaucrats but not by the people or for the citizens of any member countries.   
Its constitution, regulations and governing system vested its supreme powers into the hands of an appointed European commission consisting of unelected career technocrats and jobs for life bureaucrats.
Embodied in the regulations and constitution the EU executive through its supreme power has a monopoly on the right to legislation, which in terms of democracy is an outrageous concentration of power to be wielded by unelected life long career officials.
The constitution and regulations were deliberately conceived to ensure that these appointed and unelected officials would be invincible from the ballot boxes of member states.
Thanks to this Europeanization of formerly independent European governments through the formation of the EU one can accurately conclude that this body is nothing more than a fanatical extreme of Supra nationalism at the highest social ethics and morality as envisioned through the eyes of career unelected aristocrats, technocrats and bureaucrats with lifelong jobs at taxpayers expense.
When given the choice between democracy and supreme dictatorial powers the EU shall always side with supra nationalism by means of an autocratic form of government.

As such the European Union is nothing more than an autocratic form of government in keeping the that type's and forms of government's throughout Europe over the centuries that unfortunately still exist today. 

Citizens from all countries should keep in mind that the political class of aristocrats, technocrats and lifelong career bureaucrats represents no one but themselves.

The factual conclusion is that European Union's constitution is based on empowering the government and controlling the citizens
whereas the constitution of the United States of America was based on empowering the people and controlling the government.   

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  1. Melvin Michael • Interesting Blog Peter....but I believe formation of EU was necessary to make the people of Europe more united and mitigate the ultra-nationalism within individual countries like Germany, France. The countries of Europe had been following the concept of nation state for centuries which made them rival of each other in all aspects. This rivalry ultimately resulted in two world wars which originated in Europe.

    Today people of Europe can work and roam freely throughout the continent....which was unthinkable 60 years ago. People from France can cross the border and work in Germany and vice versa. This I believe has been the real benefit of the European Union, making the people much more closer and more connected with each other.

    Peter Clarke • Thanks Melvin, but the facts tell us otherwise!

    The overriding objective for the formation of a European Union was for political integration NOT at all necessary to make the people of Europe more united or to mitigate any ultra nationalism within previously independent countries as you suggest.

    The EU political class, as with all absolute monarchies and autocratic forms of governments, pursued a political and economic integration in place of free market competition between countries because of their life long believe in moral superiority and euro corporatism superiority through a concentrated of power in the hands of unelected functionaries in Brussels, by constraining the will of the peoples from individual countries at the ballet box and ignoring the results of EU entry referendums.

    Today as in the past with a legal pass port and immigration adherence procedures individuals from France or elsewhere could cross borders and work in Spain, Germany etc. or vice versa provided there were job opportunities.

    The youth unemployment rate for the EU countries today is over 22% with an overall unemployment rate of close to 11%, go figure!

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