Thursday, May 17, 2012

Legal Protesters Show Their Faces Not Their Acts of Disgraces

It is time that masked wearing protesters during demonstrations are outlawed in Canada.  
If a person wants to take his or her time to protest as opposed to voting on election days then do so without hiding your face in shame.
Show society your faces NOT your shame by hiding behind your masks of public disgraces.
Laws require that our police forces display their id numbers when confronting protesters and now it’s time for a civil society to demand that law abiding citizen protesters be legally required to show their faces.
So called student union leaders have allowed and encouraged    increasing acts of attempted domestic terror by masked criminal perpetrators’ from within the membership of such unions.
These socially harmful professional protesters, hooligans, vicious fascists and other social misfit criminal elements across Canada must no longer be condoned by our politicians and appointed judges.
In a civil society such disrespect for the laws of the nation by groups of anarchist hooligans, idlers, unemployable misfits seeking greater handouts and non existing entitlements from taxpayers within the Canada has gone too far and must come to a rapid end.  
Such Anti social behavior by these truly undesirable elements within or outside of the membership of student unions must be labeled for what they realistically represent. And that is acts of Domestic Terror through the use of violence against persons or property in order to coerce or intimidate the student body, the government and or the civilian population in furtherance of political or social objectives.
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