Friday, May 18, 2012

Where is the Report by the Province’s Watchdog and Complaints Committee Regarding Protesters?

Where is the independent report on the lawless actions of burning police cars, smashing store windows, damaging private and public property by masked malcontent anarchist protesters who blatantly ignored our civil laws and committed criminal acts against mankind, peace and the planet they fictitiously claim to represent?
When will there be a truly independent public inquiry centered on the actions of these masked protesters and anti social elements within our Canadian society?
Over 80% of Torontonians, Ontarians and Canadians DO NOT approve of the ape like criminality and increasing lawless behavior of masked protesters, for whatever reasons, now are demanding for an independent watchdog report on the pilfering actions by masked protesters!
What about the hundreds of acts of lawlessness of looting, burning and destruction of private and public property by those black masked protesters who rampant the civil rights of non protesting and  law abiding Torontonians and others who had the common sense to stay away from the area of the G20 events?

Why have no masked protesters been convicted along with the protest leaders from union groups, student groups who played a command role of lawlessness and criminal leadership of the protesters?
When will they stand up, unmask their faces and be held accountable and liable for their civil disgraces?
When will our politicians, judges and the courts be prepared to take the lawlessness and criminal activities of masked protesters and others with a degree of seriousness or step down and hand over the reins of power to elected representative of the public who can?

Who are the wire pullers, politicians, bureaucrats, political parties and judges that are continually allowing our justice system to be so blindly biased and unbalanced?
Have no alarm bell sounded or is it purely a one sided political affair?

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