Monday, June 4, 2012

Drugs, Guns, Violence and Lawless Protesters, We Let it Happen to Us


We the taxpaying, nonvoting and voting public have allowed Canada, our communities and cities, to disintegrate into morally disgusting lifestyles of arrogance, handouts for non existing entitlements, disrespect for human life and law and order, perversion and a Hollywood overfed sexual and drug culture immorality.

We have permitted non elected bureaucrats and technocrats to be appointed into positions of setting policy based, on their reasons and speech, without any directly elected accountability or authority from the citizenship at large.   

Their policies have revolved around deciding for us the cradle to grave decisions that once were democratically reserved solely for families and individuals.

Decisions and policies that have seen and been far more concerned with the well being and life of animals, birds and the bees, rather than human life and the individuals responsibility within our fragile democratic civil society.

These unelected De facto elements within our democratic society are supported, financed and backed by special interest groups, unions and political parties of all stripes.

The fact that the are unelected yet purport to be representatives of the masses in order to protect themselves should this new world order as they collectively envisioned collapse and once again be destroyed as was the tower of Babel. 

This weekend's shootings at one of Toronto's major tourists attractions and shopping malls highlight a city and society that is out of control of the politicians, police and law abiding citizens.

No longer can we as a democratic society allow such barbaric behaviour to play itself out within our subways, malls, schools and on our streets.

Both the gunman and his intended victim are equally blamable along with their friends, associates and families for covering up and condoning the illegal activates of both these individuals. As such they are just as responsible because of their individual failure to alert the police and others about these two dangerous and disrespectful selfish individuals.   

We as a society should be mourning the decay of our civil society and start demanding action and punishment for all those remotely connect with such criminal behaviour.

When will our politicians, judges and the courts be prepared to take the lawlessness and criminal activities of gangs, thugs or masked protesters and others with a degree of seriousness, not just a slap on the wrist, or step down and leave the reins of power in the hands of elected representatives of the public in the justice system and police services boards who can and shall listen and be fully accountable to the electorate?

No longer can we allow unelected individuals to occupy the chairs of decision making. 

Graphic: Mapping homicide in Toronto, Thanks to Staff at National Post @


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