Friday, June 1, 2012

The Rights of Citizens Comes with Obligations Not Tantrums or Hissy Fits.

Now it is time to call a provincial election in Quebec.

Canada is democratic civil society democracy that depends on all citizens who attain legal age make a commitment to the ballot box.

The gangs of masked hooligan student union protester and their non stop lawless attempts to take away the rights from others who want and have paid for an education must come to an immediate end.

There criminal acts of storming and disrupting university classes is an unlawful, criminal and undemocratic. Such disrespect for the rights of others and acts of violence against their fellow students and property must be harshly dealt with by our legislative laws and justice system.

Quebec's ongoing students anti social disobedient behavior are a punishable offense under our democratic laws and should be dealt with by using the full force of punishment under the justice system.
The rights of all students, workers and citizens must always trump the rights of unions, special interest groups and their De facto leaders.
As such there is no moral justification or presumption of innocent in favour of disobedience to the laws of democratic civil societies such as Canada’s.

The needs of our Country Canada and its' law abiding citizens always outweigh the desires of unions, student groups and special interest groups.

These daily acts of domestic terror through unlawful acts of civil disobedience and coercive violence are not seeking to persuade the government to change established policies.

The student and union leaders’ continuous pogrom against the taxpaying masses of civil societies and democracies must cease as it clearly can be identified and labeled them as the common enemy of laws and order within Canada’s democratic civil society.

But like all lawless radical protests they seek to intimidate and persuade society that a change in regime is required but no through the ballot box of democracy.

Oh yeah, student fringe freak Maoist socialists never think about democracy through the ballot box as they, are just too ideologically stupid.
Education comes with a cost, Not a free for all.

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  1. Enjoyed your post, Peter. I think you've tapped into a sentiment shared by many overburdened tax payers. Particularly as corporate Canada is a battlefield where only the fittest survive and so many jobs are now becoming "contract", no benefits, no protection from being let go.

    My family is adjusting to the reality of this (we sold our house vis a vis skyrocketing utility costs, market value assessment tax bills and the reality of income adjustment after I lost my high paying corporate job, followed by a 2 years of unemployment, then n a contract that got cut half way through for "restructuring". We couldn't justify paying so much for market value assessment tax bills, escalating utility costs and a declining salary… and the possibility of increasing interest rates.

    But that's the free market. Where I don’t see this happening is in the public sector. Half my family are civil / public servants – teachers, cops, municipal inspectors -- they enjoy “sabbaticals” and summers off and always seem to be able to fit in an afternoon’s golf game. They go on strike and get 4% pay increases. They look forward to (and some are now enjoying) gold plated indexed pensions with benefits, job security then retirement on average a decade earlier than the rest of us will get. And bizarre sick / vert time entitlements. One got a cheque at retirement day for $78 thousand for sick days not taken. It is an inequality in our system and I think its unfair some people have to make adjustments -as we’ve had to -while this other whole sector enjoys security from having to face those adjustments.

    Given my observations, universities could apply some corporate tactics to reel back those costs and create a cheaper education for university and a lower tax bill. Or maybe send kids to India to get cut rate yet very good educations. Anyway, I think its professors rabble rousing the kids.

    What is the answer?

    Sorry for the rant, really struck a chord. Its my personal irritant, I rarely air it but I feel an intense jealousy !!


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