Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Black and White Trash, Criminals, Thugs, Gangs, Drugs and Violence the New Toronto

Toronto's problems have nothing to do with immigration and all due to youthful criminals, thugs and gangs disrespect for civil authority, our police officers and law and order by blacks, whites, reds, yellows, greens or pink criminal welfare trailer trash types with illegal guns, knives that involve drugs and gangs.

Torontonians, legal residents and Canadian citizens have had enough with slap on the wrist judges and justice, career politicians passing the buck while eating off the same public trough and a police chief who one day states Toronto does not have a gang problem or a black crime wave. Then the next week stating we do have a gang problem as the violence continues to increase and run rampant throughout the city and suburbs.

More financial hand outs are NOT the solution! 

The only remedy is education and jobs. However most of these types of individuals have already dropped out of school and basically society because of continued financial assistance when they should have been at school receiving an education and trades training for future jobs.

Toronto need a chief of police who clearly understand that Toronto HAS a Gang and Drug problem mainly within the black and Asian communities caused by individuals that have a chip on their shoulder, drop out of high school, do not accept authority, take no responsibility for their shortfalls or life itself and then expect others to pay for their cradle to grave welfare services.

We as Canadians and Torontonians urgently require politicians who can lead, take responsibility and uphold the laws of  Canada and not those of other countries. 

And who have the political courage to acknowledge and admit that our policies for multiculturalism are failing and that blacks have a hug chip on their shoulders and others who are unable or do not leave there former countries barbaric laws, political problems and biases at our borders.

“We must encourage different cultures NOT to live separate and segregated lives within Canadian but come together as Canadians, within the laws of Canada and the Canadian Constitution,” Peter Clarke.

We need elected judge’s NOT unqualified lawyers or lay persons appointed by unelected bureaucrats and rubber stamped career politicians who are purely puppets for their respective political parties.

When if ever will our politicians, judges and the courts take seriously the lawlessness and criminal activities of gangs, drug use, thugs and illegal masked lawless protesters and others, with a degree of the highest seriousness before it is too late? As opposed to the current slap on the wrist sentencing? 

We no longer can afford politicians who usurp their rights to behind the scenes wire pullers, special interest groups and unelected or appointed technocrats and bureaucrats to make decisions on behalf of the voters.

As a society we have permitted non elected bureaucrats and technocrats to be appointed into positions of setting policy based on special interest groups, unions and biased reasons, ideologies and preferences of forcing their ideals onto all citizens by reducing individual rights to create a society that must conform to only one viewpoint, theirs. And all without any directly elected accountability or authority from the citizenship at large. 

Their policies have revolved around taking one's individuals rights of  the decision making process away, by allowing others and  the unelected bureaucracy within government to decide for us cradle to grave responsibilities and decisions, that once were democratically reserved solely for families and individuals.

Decisions and policies that have been far more concerned with the opinions of the unelected media types and the rights of criminals at the direct expense of the victims or
United Nations rules relating to Standard Minimum Rules for the Treatment of Prisoners or criminals and the well being and life of animals, birds and the bees, rather than human life, the rights of law abiding citizens along with an individual’s responsibility within our fragile democratic civil society.

Wake up people before it is to late and Toronto becomes yet another Detroit MI, Oakland CA, Flint MI, Chicago or ST. Louise MO.

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