Monday, September 17, 2012

Moderate Muslims all have their Heads in the Sand along with those at the White House.

Is Susan Rice, the Obama’s administration appointed ambassador to the United Nations, a complete imbecile or is it that she and the administration are not capable of mentally grasping the fact that radical Muslims and their silent followers despise all non Muslims and further do not accept the freedoms of religion, speech, equal rights for women etc as guaranteed within the Constitution of the USA and other civilized democracies? 

Radical Muslim Imams and their Islamic Extremists Followers are showing their hatred for all non Muslims and all civilians of other religions around the World.

Such groups including Al-Qaeda continue to show the world population of non Muslims their intolerance and disrespect for all humans who hold or practice different faiths than that of their own warped interpretation of Islam.  

They continually declare an open ended war of religion against all infidels, non Muslims, until all infidels are forcefully converted to their interpretation of Islam or institutionalized through their totalitarian regimes by means of discrimination, murder or slavery.

They are using Muslims and the religion of Islam as a guise for their own political ideology while the other religions of the world standby watching in disbelief and fail to react with words until after the fact of each and well planned out attacks on non Muslim citizens from around the world. 

It seems that any moderate Muslims are only to be found within the Obama administration, as all the other so called MODERATE Muslims seem to assimilate the past behaviour of citizens within Germany and around the world during the second world war who saw nothing, heard nothing, or new nothing about the killings and inhumane treatment of various religious groups and persons during the totalitarian reign of the third Reich in Germany. 

While the US administration and its United Nations ambassador Susan Rice  have there respective heads in the sand, the new Libyan President Mohammed Magarief insists that the attacks were definitely planned by foreigners from Mali and Algeria who entered Libya a few months ago and had been planning criminal acts since their arrival in Libya.

Will the Obama administration ever wake up to the obvious fact that the people of Middle East must solve there own problems as the American taxpayers can no longer afford to send money to these Muslim Brotherhood governments that continue arising from the ashes of the American backed Arab spring uprisings around that region? 


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  1. I'll try to sum up the long answer i wrote to you last time. Radicals are radicals under all denominations whether Sikhs, Hindous, Moslem, Jews or others. Had Moslem radicals lived in an uncolicited spot and had they not been subdued for decades by colonialism they would have been unnoticed by everybody except their own peers and maybe they wouldn't even have left their countries searching for foreign safe heavens. In a book entitled 'The Moslem Brotherhood' by Abdel Rehim's Aly on can read how the CIA financed the Moslem Brotherhood back in the days of the Afghan war in order to combat the Soviets. Later other deals were struck between the two for different reasons. How many times did leaders of the Arab world asked the so called free world to extradite Moslem radicals who committed henious crimes in their own land with no avail. There are so many moderate Moslem who stand for what they believe in kindly check my blog in which the first article posed on the MB was refused by an Egyptian English speaking publication thus published on a blog overseas. I have posted a few of my TV shows and believe me it's not easy to speak ones mind but we do and there are quite a few of us not only in the Arab world but even overseas. Remains to be seen from the 'free world' a little less of a double standard foreign policy on the key issues of the region and a better choice of their political partners.


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