Tuesday, September 18, 2012

No Canadian Flag in Quebec Legislature then No Federal Equalization Payments for Quebec Separatist Government

In 1994 to 2003 while snubbing our country’s flag and its citizens from the rest of Canada, Quebec separatists, as now,  had their hands out to Canadians from other provinces and received over $27 BILLION dollars from Canadian taxpayers.

Now today in 2012 once again like in 1994 to 2003 this separatist PQ government has removed the Canadian flag from the provincial legislature and yet remains in line to annually receive some $7.391 BILLION dollars in further equalization payments while they are in office in addition to the  BILLIONS they received last time they were elected to office.

This separatists ritual of removing the Canadian flag from the provinces legislature is an insult to the history of our nation and especially the people of Canada who continually contribute BILLIONS of their hard earned tax dollars to the government of Quebec be it a separatist government or not.

The 4,126,654 MILLION Quebecers who did not cast a single vote for Pauline Marois and her separatist Quebecois party deserve real leadership and NOT childish tantrums involving political rituals.

Pauline Marious and her fellow elected separatist representatives of a minority group 1,394,765 Million Quebecers from a total 5,919775 eligible voters would be well advised not to pretend that they somehow think they can speak for the majority of Quebecers while attempting to mooch of the rest of Canada.

Time for Canadians across Canada to demand that our elected federal government representatives of Canadians from all parties get real backbones and advice the minority PQ separatists’ government in Quebec that while the Canadian flag remains absent from the Quebec legislature and its offices all equalization payments shall cease. 

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