Saturday, September 8, 2012

The natural resources of Canada belong to all Canadians

With world oil and natural gas prices rising once again Canada urgently needs to promote oil self-sufficiency for Canada and maintain the oil supply from the oil sands first for Canadians.

As such we must promote Canadian ownership of the energy industry by investments from all provinces and the federal government into the exploration for oil in Canada especially the oil sands.

In 1975 when Atlantic Richfield pulled out from the then pioneering oil sands consortium had it had not been for the province of Ontario’s investment of 5% along with Alberta’s 10% and the federal governments 15% which ensured future oil sands developments would continue, today there would be no  potential investors in Canada’s oil sands. 

Working together the federal government along with all provinces and territories must, promote cost effective alternative energy sources by means of a revised Canadian National Energy Program and Board comprised of the federal government and all provinces and territories. 

The natural resources of Canada belong to all Canadians from coast to coasts and NOT solely any one province or territory where our natural resources presently exist or are subsequently discovered.  

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