Thursday, September 20, 2012

Are Toronto Gays So Gay that they Have Become HETEROPHOBIC Individuals?

Would it be fair to say, that Toronto’s mainstream media has become over zealous, in their never ending goal in attempting to force the ideals and beliefs of gays, lesbians and bisexual on all Torontonians, through their efforts to create a society that must conform to only one viewpoint?

As when individuals do not conform to this rigid view of acceptance the media backed by these special interest groups rush to a personal judgment and immediately label those Torontonians or others as being homophobic?

For example the actual Latin South American translation of “Tu ere Maricon” is You are Gay", nothing more, nothing less!

Torontonians or others who refer to gays as being gay are definitely NOT uttering a homophobic slur as the media and these special interest groups would like us all to believe based on their own bias and rush to judgment.

Such hasty critical analysis and personal judgments made against those Torontonians or other peoples from around the world is itself a form of bullying and creates a reverse method of discrimination.
Therefore why is it that the media seems to cast people as purely statistics or a deck of cards, when we are not?

All Torontonians as individuals have lives, relationships, families, reject or accept social trends and have that right and freedom to make choices without being bullied, coerced or intimidated by either side of an issue?  

Perhaps if gays seek do not wish to be publicly identified as gays then they themselves are HETERO PHOBIC individuals! 

Or if a heterosexual can be so easily labelled as a homophobic for his beliefs and ideals of wanting to keep marriage solely between a man and a woman, then obviously a gay or lesbian individual should be as easily labelled a heterophobe for their ideas and demands for changing marriage laws around the globe to legalize heterophobia within society as a special interest group?



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