Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Born in Canada Requires No Obligations for the Inherent Rights of Citizenship! Perhaps it should?

For all of us who were born in Canada, it is taken for granted by our government and legal system, that at birth without any obligations or question one automatically is entitled to all rights of the country (Canada) where we were born.  

With today’s globalization and ease of air, sea or rail travel should we as a country perhaps start to at least question this automatic citizenship with its legal rights?

I put this topic forward because today, especially with ease of international air travel, individuals who themselves might already be Canadian citizens, not by birth, have planned to have a child or two or three here in Canada and then within a month or two of giving birth hightail it back to their original countries of birth so that their children will be homed and live outside of Canada for most of their young life’s?

How at birth can one recognize, accept, understand and later abide by the fact that Canada is founded upon the principles that recognize the supremacy of God and rule of law? 

Is this right? You the taxpayers and citizens should debate and decide this obvious flaw within our present born in Canada automatic citizenship handout policy!

Canada citizenship's for those immigrating or becoming a permanent resident of Canada do require a number of year’s of actual residency requirements and other obligations.

Should Canada perhaps not have at least a minimum of say 10 years of actual residency of a new born before our government and legal system automatically hands out a citizenship to babies birthed in Canada?       

If we had had such a policy then we might not have been politically blindfolded and saddled with the Omar Khadr child warrior catastrophe?  

For all Canadians these questions shall unfortunately remain until such time as citizens and our government no longer will have to question if born in Canada babies and child warriors honestly, transparently and legally full filled such a commitment of a residency obligation for those inherent rights of a valued Canadian citizenship document.     

It’s our decision Canada!


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