Monday, October 29, 2012

Hijacking Democracy Ontario Style

Political Parties 

Will it take a judge from a USA court to convenience Ontarians, Canadians and media outlets that shutting down our Ontario Legislature and thus democracy by Dalton McGuinty is an uncompromising personal act of oppression against the electorate? 

In my humble opinion a contemptuous act that breached the standards of responsibility and ethical political moral conduct demanded of the office of Premier! 

To date this Premier's shutting down of the legislature has further lacked any appearances of transparency in democracy or government and remains unchallenged legally by any political party, judge, law firm, corporation, union, lawyer or news media outlet on behalf of the residents of Ontario?

Do we no longer have lawyers, judges, law firms or media corporations that care enough about democracy and the rule of law or have an ethical and moral fibre necessary to ensure that Breach of Trust charges are at least commenced against McGuinty, his fellow liberal members of the now defunct legislature and the liberal party of Ontario?

Also and unfortunately McGuinty’s intransigent and self serving political actions went unopposed without a whimper when endorsed by the Honourable David Onley the so called peoples Lieutenant Governor?  

Why is that the leaders of the NDP or the Conservatives political parties of Ontario continue to only make unrealistic or enforceable notices of motions as opposed to concrete legal actions in moving to the courts for legal demands that the Ontario Legislature be dissolved and that Dalton McGuinty and his liberal party members all be charged with Breach of Trust?

When political parties suspend the democratic process through shutting down Provincial Legislatures or the House of Commons they have effectively suspend civil liberties of both elected representatives and the public.

The bypassing of democracy in such a manner by a leader of any political party, federal or provincial in nature, before having such a closure come to a democratic vote by all elected representatives should be unconstitutional and a criminal offence in any transparent and honest form of democracy in the peoples opinion.

However in Ontario it now sure feels, looks, walks and works as if all the so called moguls be they media, political, business, unionists, legalistic, judicial or whatever all cover-up for each others intransigent characteristics at the direct expense of democracy itself in my humble opinion as a mere mortal.


Hi Peter:

I read the article.  This is an unfair interpretation of the prorogation of the Legislature which is a legal process and lies within our parliamentary tradition. Previous governments in Ontario have done it before – it is not a new and unprecedented action on the part of this Liberal Government.


Name Blanked Out by Peter Clarke. 

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Thanks Name Blanked Out, 

I appreciate your position and thoughts about leaders of a political party presently having the legislative process, questionable as it is for a democracy when used, and the fact that it has been allowed by all political parties to remain as a parliamentary tradition does not make it a morally or ethically correct. 

The former war measures act was also a parliamentary tradition that was also not politically morally or ethically right and was subsequently changed after public awareness and democracy concerns.
I agree with you though that this is not the only unprecedented political action that the present provincial minority liberal government has taken under the party's leader Dalton McGuinty.

We both shall have to wait for the decision of the electorate on allowing any future governments and political party leaders of having the public's endorsement or non endorsement for any governments continued use of prorogation procedures in the people’s legislature as opposed to the present political party's legislature. 

My strong belief about democracy is that individuals are elected by the voters to represent the voters first and then that candidates own affiliated political party. 

However today 99% of these political party candidates seek elected office primarily as puppet votes for the political party banner that they run under and to heck with democracy and the voters who actually elect them into public office and not a party office that in reality represents a membership of less than 1% of eligible voters and any given time.

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