Saturday, October 20, 2012

McGuinty's Liberal Party Tosses Democracy for Secret Closed Door Deals with Unions.

Has it now become acceptable to lie and fool the voters in Ontario numerous times by political parties and their respective leaders who in reality all have a party membership of less than ONE % (1 %) of all eligible voters throughout this province!

You would hope that now Ontario residents might finally come to acknowledge that perhaps in reality there are no honourable and reliable political parties or career politicians who truly represent the voters or have the courage to stand up for democracy?  

Today it sure seems they all simply are puppet votes and peons for their political parties?

When political parties suspend the democratic process through shutting down Provincial Legislatures or the House of Commons they have effectively suspend civil liberties of both elected representatives and the public.

The bypassing of democracy in such a manner by a leader of a political party before having such a closure come to a democratic vote by all elected representatives should be unconstitutional in any transparent and honest form of democracy.

Unfortunately such a process used in peacetimes, similar to the country’s previous war measures act, has now become a standard practices by political parties and their leaders in attempts to cover up and not answer for their failed or questionable activities to the Canadian public in an open and transparent manner.

Why is that the leaders of the NDP or the Conservatives political parties of Ontario have not made any move to demand that the Ontario Legislature be dissolved?



The peoples Lieutenant Governor of Ontario, David Onley, has the constitutional ability along with a moral and ethical right to immediately ask one of these two political parties to form a government or dissolve this session of the Ontario Legislature outright and call a new election forthwith?


Where is the outcry from the media?


Why have special interest groups, lobbyists, Union leaders, Ontario’s Corporate executives along with all presently elected opposition representatives of from all political parties NOT demanded that the legislature be immediately recalled on behalf of the public and voters they supposedly represent?


Why do they themselves now allow and endorse the eroding of Ontario's already fragile democratic system of government and political parties?


Unions, Political Parties and Corporations all are equally guilty of the same behaviour of greed and power regardless of the cost to Free Markets, Democracy, and Citizens of Ontario.


It seems they all are far more concerned with self serving salary, benefit and pension entitlements, power and profits as opposed to an honest days work by doing their jobs on behalf of all Ontarians, Union members, the Economy or the Country as a whole?


A brief history of Ontario’s dysfunctional Governments 

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