Friday, October 12, 2012

One Transit Authority for the Greater Toronto, Hamilton Area is a Start in the Right Direction.

However without a meaningful annual financial and political commitment of  a minimum 25% from all existing fuel taxes for gas, diesel, oil, from the province and federal government's to this one GTHA area transit area system it shall never succeed.

Also qualified professionals not career politicians from within the worlds private mass transportation industry must be at the helm of a new Metrolinx for GTHA.

The Greater Toronto, Hamilton area (GTHA) presently represents over 47% of Ontario’s overall population and Ontario represents 38% of the entire population of Canada.  

Therefore our political parties of all stripes best understand that this area GTHA and its citizens demand and requires at a minimum 18% of all existing federal and provincial fuel taxes (gas, diesel etc.)  for the GTHA public transit system and roadways.

Further the board of this new one transit authority for a GTHA Metrolinx operated public transit authority, systems and operations of the existing Go, TTC, Halton, Peel, YorkDurham and Hamilton Street Railway should be comprised as follows:

A new 11 member Board of Directors for this proposed one transit authority would replace the existing board of Metrolinx.

ONE elected representative from each region i.e. Halton, Peel, York, Durham, Hamilton for a total number of 5 and with TWO elected representatives from Toronto and the federal and provincial governments for a total of 6.

As such this new amalgamated transit authority of Metrolinx GTHA would have elected representatives from the main financial partners the provincial and federal governments’.
GTHA Metrolinx would be directly responsible for all public transportation operations, systems, financing and be under the control of the above elected board members and direction of both a CEO and COO who must have professional transportation qualifications from within the world’s private transportation industry who would be hired separately.
The citizen residents of Ontario and Canada all realize that nothing is Free especially when proposed by politicians seeking election or re-election.

And the commuters within the GTHA are very cognizant of the fact that Ontario represents over 38% of Canadian taxpayers and voters.

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