Sunday, October 28, 2012

The People Need Only Look at Ontario to Find Democratic Rot.

One does not have to look solely in Ottawa to find democratic rot as it is alive, rampant and flourishing here in the Ontario legislature.

McGuinty's uncompromising discontinuation of the People’s Legislature for oppressive political party purposes is an outright Breach of Trust.

A contemptuous act breaching standards of responsibility and conduct demanded of the office that represented a serious and marked departure from the standards expected in his elected position of public trust.

He intentionally used the office for purposes other than the public good for an oppressive purpose.

McGuinty along with his fellow elected liberal party members and the political party he leads should all face criminal charges in my opinion.

The Honourable David Onley, the so called peoples LG, should immediately recall the Ontario legislature and ask one of the other political parties or their members to form a government, 

As the Lieutenant Governor David definitely has the moral and ethical authority, along with a constitutional one, to show leadership by acting on behalf of democracy.

And most importantly the people are behind him to ensure that the will of the electorate be respected now that the minority government has lost the support of the Legislature and the electorate. 

The law requires our lieutenant governor to ensure that there is a functioning legislative government is in place or otherwise call an election forthwith.   

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