Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Tax and Spend Theory is NOT a Solution for Running our Government or Managing Taxpayers Money across the GTHA.

$ GTHA BIG MOVE $            

The middle class and poor within the community and society CANNOT continue along this ruse of a road for new money proposals.
Because in reality it simply represents additional, increased or new taxes on top of existing ones already carried on the backs of  societies overburden individual for property taxes, rents, home prices, income taxes, gas taxes, sales taxes, GST and HST.
More, and increased revenue tools are NOT the answer nor realistically required.
This so called big move is simply a ruse to raise new taxes so that our career politicians with their political parties and non-elected technocrats, bureaucrats and public service unions can maintain their current cushy life styles on the back of future generations of our youth.
The financial facts already show us that Toronto, Mississauga and Hamilton etc. do not have the investments required for the maintenance of the current outdated and much needed repairs for existing city infrastructures let alone news ones for road tolls at the expense of our sewers, waters and hydro systems.
This report is biased and one sided as it only pertains to new methods of taxation or increased taxes, in my humble opinion.
No mention of pay as you go financing, zero based budgeting process, spending reductions or program eliminations, tax decrease for property owners, a GTHA across the board business tax increases for public transportation services, negotiated austerity packages, councils inability and unwillingness to implement meaningful and much needed economic structural reforms, tax evasion by both corporations and citizens, reduction in public service positions and smaller size councils in line with provincial and federal riding's.
Taxpayers throughout the GTHA are more than open to an open transparent all encompassing discussion of government financing and expenditures.
However unlike the media, unelected technocrats and civil servants, the citizens in to day’s society want to discuss both sides of the coin, Spending and Taxes along with all options, not just more of the same with new revenue sources.
The gridlock is with those that have only the one view of seeking more revenues in any form from an already overburdened and taxed out society and citizenry. 



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  1. It's a continual, laughable affair when it comes to politics in this country. The solution is almost always to raise taxes, but almost never to tighten their own belt and hack away at the waste, poor decision making and look at efficiency improvements instead.

    Until the government is lawfully structured to run like a business, nothing will change. Elected officials are self-servants, not civil servants and when they need more money, all they do is hold out their hand, and don't let you go past GO until you pay.


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