Wednesday, January 30, 2013

In Politics one’s Daily Life Including Sexual Preferences of Politicians is the Right to know by every Potential Voter.

It matters to straight individuals and families as gay and lesbian activists for the most part just might be closet heterophibic members of society themselves.

Bullying for example is not limited to young gay kids or minorities as George Smitherman, the defeated candidate for Toronto Mayor and one of the liberal party's member of cabinet responsible for the E health scandal, would like to lead voters to believe.

One’s individual family values and moral principles, including those of the liberal party’s recently elected lesbian leader are a sign of strength which superseding LGBT activists politics along with those of the main stream media’s  hysteria and muckraking journalists.

However it would also be fair to state that Toronto’s mainstream liberal media like the Star and Globe have become overzealous, in their never ending goal in attempting to force the ideals and beliefs of gays, lesbians and bisexual on all Torontonians, through their efforts to create a society that must conform to only one viewpoint. That being of the LGBT community!

When individuals do not conform to this bullying and rigid view point of outright acceptance of the LGBT life styles, encouraged and supported by the media or special interest groups, there is a rush to judgment against such individuals and they are promptly wrongly labeled as being homophobic.  

Such hasty unfounded critical judgment made personally against others within the community of citizens is itself a direct from of bullying and a reverse method of discrimination.  

So let’s not have any more HETERO PHOBIA.

The majority of Canadian individuals all have relationships, families, friends, acquaintances and lives for the most part reject or accept social trends and have that democratic right of freedom to choose without being intimidated, harassed or bullied to conform to a single point of view as proposed by heterophobic individuals.

If gay and lesbian individuals do not wish to be publicly identified as same then perhaps they themselves are closet HETEROPHOBIC people.

When special interest groups label heterosexual people as a homophobic individual   because of a belief and ideals of wanting to retain marriage between a man and a woman, then obviously a lesbian or gay person who holds the belief and ideas yet demands a changing marriage laws around the world to permit same sex marriage should be labeled a HETEROPHOBE.

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