Friday, January 25, 2013

Star's Editorial is Arrogant, Critically Flawed and Unfit as Continues their Biased View of Toronto’s Duly Elected Mayor Ford.

All people are created equal and all are equally imperfect and we still have unequal laws and taxes created by unjust people.

Such editorials by the Star are solely for the purpose of non-elected representation and political interference into the policy decisions of democratically elected representatives of the voters within the city of Toronto in my humble opinion as a mere mortal. 

This unnecessary legal side show and bullying attempts by the main stream media and non elected would be representatives of citizens who are political foes of the Mayor and supported financially by publicity seeking lawyers against the duly elected Mayor of Toronto must cease.  

For those like the Star and Globe and Mail who seek to direct or set the political agenda and policies for the City of Toronto, from behind the council chambers of democracy, by continuing to insist that an elected Mayor of the people must change the platform he was elected on to their direction of socialized liberal communism I suggest that they put forward their individual names along with their political mission platforms for the position of Toronto’s mayor directly to the voters as candidates in the 2014 city elections. 


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Terence Corcoran, National Post Staff 
“They have no case and no just cause beyond their own ideological delirium — these fantasy rock throwers, the usual collection of leftists and waffly centrists, cringing sophisticates, downtown Liberals, Toronto Star columnists, CBC reporters, Ryerson academics and would-be mayoral candidates who would like to maintain the old quasi-corrupt ways that have long dominated Toronto city government.”

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