Monday, January 28, 2013

Taxpayer Deserve a RCMP Investigation and Judicial Inquiry of All Approved No Bid Contracts, Non Competitive Sole Sourced or Closed Tendered Contracts.

In 2002 after the scandals’ around the city of Toronto and councils computer leasing deals an external contracts inquiry was commissioned by Madam Justice Denise Bellamy.

Unfortunately it did not deal with or consider the ongoing practice by the city, council, the TTC and other city taxpayer funded boards and agencies regarding these well hidden unsavory practices that are open to political insiders and straight up corruption in my opinion.   

Far too many of TTC and City approved lease extension sole sourced and non noncompetitive bid contracts continue to be supported by councilors and then entered into by the city.

The Star and other main stream media outlets have the audacity to harass and bully Mayor Ford when he questions the appropriateness of such deals even though Madam Justice Bellamy in her conclusions recommended that “The Mayor should report to the public on major contracts or tenders the council awarded or approved.”  

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