Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Public Did Not Want Prorogation and the Opposition Played No part in the Liberal Parties Crowning of their Lesbian Leader.

First what the public deserves and demands is the
immediate return of democracy by the reopening of the legislature this week and not in a few weeks.

Secondly is an election so that all legally registered voters within the province have the democratic right and obligation to choose for themselves just who deserves to be referred to as the Premier of Ontario.

Thirdly no one political party, premier or prime minister should have the right to prorogation of the legislature or house of commons for any contrived reason whatsoever. 

Like the previous war measures act prorogation must be eliminated as a provision available to any one political party in our Canadian democracy.

Fourthly a RCMP investigation followed by a judicial commission must be held into the cancelled gas plants, E Health, Energy Plan, No Bid Contracts, Non Competitive or Sole Sourced and Closed Tendered Contracts both at the provincial level and city of Toronto. 

Taxpayers and voters do not just want the appearance of  transparency and accountability they demand it as it is their money that is continually being wasted by these career politicians, bureaucrats and technocrats within all levels of governments.  

Something is drastically gone wrong with our democracy when a mere 2073 members of the liberal party some under the age of 15, many less than the age of majority and a few who are clearly heterophibic   individuals get to decide who shall be the anointed non elected premier of Ontario because the liberal party and its previous leader's prorogation of the legislature for self serving political reasons.

Finally, in my opinion as a mere mortal citizen and taxpayer, to clear the polluted political air that continues to surround the halls of democracy at Queens Park.

We the voters msut stop the continuing old quasi corrupt political antics  that for far too long have dominated both the affairs of the legislature and the City of Toronto someone namely politicians and bureaucrats have to be equally held directly responsible, accountable and liable for present and past acts of breach of Trust and Fraud on and within governments for the disregard of their elected or non elected fiduciary duties and mismanagement of public funds.            
Political honeymoons’ must become a thing of the past for democracy's sake.


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