Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Do Political Parties Represent Honesty and Transparency?


A copy of an open letter to Tim Hudak and the Ontario PC party for What it is worth.


As an elected member of the conservative party, supposedly representing about 40,000 members, some of which are less than voting age or even age of majority similar to the liberals, NDP and other political parties and all in reality account for less than ONE percent of eligible voters, might I suggest that you as the leader of this party and all the other party leaders have a realistic problem in getting a majority of members elected as puppets to the Ontario legislature!

For myself 60,000 thousand plus non political yet voting individuals associate with me from time to time. Most likely 50% of them unfortunately do not take the time to vote.

To get elected yourself along with a slim majority of your political party’s selected candidates for the legislature, as your voting puppets, might one suggest a winning election platform for such members including yourself of course as their leader?

Once democracy is back in place because the peoples legislature is finally recalled after its prorogation for purely political party reasons in part thanks in part to the backward thinking of the so called Queens representative David Onley and your parties failure to effectively or politically  meaningfully or legally challenge such a one sided political farce by the previous leader of the liberal party, you announce that within the first day of the opening of the legislature your party goes on record to demand the following:  

1.      Defeats the government immediately on a vote of no confidence and first introduce legislation that prohibits any political party or its leader in the legislature from ever again using prorogation of the peoples legislature, unless the parliament of Canada has declared an act of war, for self serving party politics and high jacking democracy through such a procedural process.

2.      Call for a RCMP investigation and federal judicial inquiry into the cancellation of power plants, E health, Orange and all no bid contracts, non competitive sole sourced or closed tendered contracts at city and municipal levels.

3.      Introduce legislation that call for a revamp and reorganization of metrolinx and the TTC that allows for a new GTHA public transit authority that includes one  elected representative from each region or municipality and city along with one from the province and federal government.

4.      Introduce legislation that call for a ONE Percent Transit Tax on all corporations, banks, unions and non profit organization that shall be designated legally for only existing and operating transit system within Canada using a funding formal based   solely on ridership and user stats.

The citizens of Ontario have had enough of wasteful spending and non commitment to transit funding by both the provincial and federal garments, the extravagant salaries of elected and non elected officials and their benefits, pensions, union wages and pensions, teachers breaking the laws because of union leaders greed under the false banner of union negotiation rights etc.    

Elected official including the premier, political parties, bureaucrats, technocrats, and union leaders all must be held legally responsible and pay restitution for past and present act of breach of trust on or within the government or union members for disregard of their elected or appointed fiduciary duties and mismanagement of public funds or union dues.

Should you incorporate the above you just might have an opportunity to get yourself and a majority of your political party members elected

Warmest regards,

Peter Clarke

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