Sunday, February 10, 2013

Duty-bound not to divulge the contents of conversation concerning the open-ended prorogation!

This liberal party's anointed lieutenant-governor pigeonholed the office with partisan politics when without hesitation or question he pompously went along with the liberal party's hijacking of democracy through its prorogation of the legislature.

It is the hard working, so called ordinary Ontarians, who pay the bills, salaries, benefits and pension of the lieutenant-governor for any real-life performance or non performance in the people’s legislature.

The publicly funded Queen’s representative David Onley, for the liberal party of Ontario as opposed to being an up-front representative for Ontario resident taxpayers, only response to date for supporting prorogation of the people’s legislature and not asking other parties to form a coalition government on behalf of their electorate was based purely on pompous unwritten principles, non binding conventions and traditions.

All hogwash in my humble opinion as a mere mortal and ordinary Canadian and Ontarian!

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