Thursday, February 7, 2013

Ontario liberal party's anointed premier has far greater problems that media trumpeted Toronto phobia!

Unfortunately  the entire liberal party of Ontario along with K. Wynne services to the liberal party as an elected party member of the legislature is part and parcel of the problems that taxpayers and the next few generations of youth are now forced to contend with for years to come. 

Her unquestionable support for the liberal party and its fiscal policies of out of control spending, borrowing and higher debt thanks partially to cancelled gas plants, E Health, Energy Plan, No Bid Contracts, Non Competitive or Sole Sourced and Closed Tendered Contracts all resulted from her support as a public servant for the liberal party that ted lastly produced the produced the Hijacking Democracy Ontario Style through the prorogation of the Ontario legislature.                      

                                                                                            For myself and tens of thousands of Ontario citizens of voting age such collaborative destructive actions on the part of Wynne and her liberal party DO NOT represent positive change but rather fiscal mismanagement that borders on a breach of trust on or within the government, its bureaucrats and technocrats for disregard of their elected or appointed fiduciary duties and mismanagement of public funds in my humble opinion as a mere mortal.


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