Thursday, February 28, 2013

Political Hypocrisy at its’ Best in Ontario

Indiscretion in Ontario politics seems only to relate to matters that involve Toronto's duly elected Mayor Ford and do not apply when it pertains to Kathleen Wynne the recently anointed premier and new leader of the Liberal party of Ontario for its ongoing green energy programs?

Mayor Ford according to Toronto's politically active city’s integrity commissioner, Janet Leiper, made headlines for her individual believe that it is an improper use of influence, by the then councillor Ford, to seek donations, gifts, benefits or favours as a public office holder.

As Ford had made the decision as to whom he would ask for donations, and these donations benefited both the schools who received grants and the councillors foundation for youth football! Not the mayor or councilor personally!  

But wait a minute here. Now the liberal party's policy and its supporters for green energy programs, that could cost Ontario taxpayers up to $200 MILLION, are being asked to donate $5,000 per executive from within the corporate power industry to support the Ontario liberal party's energy platform policies and its' new leader Kathleen Wynne the recently anointed premier? 

These individual donations of $5,000 per plate shall directly benefit and the elected official Kathleen Wynne and the liberal party? get the picture!  

I guess because it is the lobbyists and high-roller executive’s from within the energy sector, whom conceivably might just benefit from such liberal party policies, which seek the individual $5,000 dollar donations for Kathleen Wynne as premier and leader of the party policies it’s OK?

In this case of course there are no questions of any violations by the provinces integrity commissioner such as those held by the City of Toronto’s liberal appointed integrity commissioner concerning “improper use of influence” or it is improper for lobbyists to offer or provide gifts, benefits or favours, it is equally as improper for public office holders to ask for or suggest ways for lobbyists to provide gifts, benefits or favours.”?

Political party hypocrisy at its best by the liberal party of Ontario in my humble opinion as a mere mortal!

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