Thursday, April 25, 2013

Taxes and New Revenues Tools on Corporations NOT Joe Citizen?

Let’s Expose the Allies Supporting Increased and New Taxes for Transit on Individuals but not for Corporations or Unions!

Who actually are those behind the move to increase taxes on individual citizens through new additional taxes (revenue tools) as opposed to increasing corporation taxes or taxing Unions?

Is it the average Joe citizen or family taxpayers who currently contribute 23% ($25 Billion dollars) of this liberal political party’s government revenues?

Or corporations, who unlike Joe citizen, currently contribute 9.6% ($10.8 Billion dollars) of this liberal political party’s government revenues?

Political parties are financed primarily by corporations, like Rogers with gross annual revenues of $3.03 Billion, Bell with $19.49 Billion, TD Canada Trust with $23.12 Billion, RBC with $29.8 Billion etc. 

They of course also receive financial support from Unions and yes, Joe citizen as a member of a political party that in reality represents less than 1% of eligible voters at any given time. 

Now keep in mind that the current general corporate tax rate is 11.5% and Joe citizen’s average tax rate in Toronto is approximately 17.52%.

However like corporations there are approximately 34% of Joe citizens who currently DO NOT PAY any provincial income tax or pay less than $10 dollars annually as they are considered the working or non working lower middle class poor? And these proposed tax increases and new revenue sources shall not be levied on them or corporations and large multi million dollar labour unions? 

Not one of Metrolinx’s 11 proposals of additional taxes (new revenue tools) for increased tax revenues suggests or calls for corporations to help pay for any radical future transportation improvements, there James?

Yet we have representative of political parties and their local council supporters along with the would be David’s from special interest groups like Civic Action, Toronto Region Board of Trade, Stintz and her TTC, Businesses and Labour demanding transit taxes be on the table for Joe citizen and NOT corporations and unions? 

The liberal party government at “Queens Park has already committed $16 Billion for transit in the GTHA” and now wants the political help from all regional governments and city councils to put Joe citizen directly on the hook for a further $34 to $60 Billion.

In an attempt to save their political hides while keeping their corporate and union allies from paying their far share of existing taxes and revenues tools before they themselves decide on the issue of increased taxes and new revenue sources. (Joe citizen accounts for 23%, corporations 9.6% )

James, the corporate and union giant has already been exposed.

However political parties are not capable of slaying the one that feeds their lust for power, scandals, waste and mismanagement. 


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