Sunday, April 14, 2013

Negligence Causing Bodily Harm and Death Involved in Chemo Drug Scandal?

First I give my condolences to the 137 families and those communities who have been traumatized and suffered with these preventable deaths.

In my opinion and that of thousands of other Ontario and Canadian residents this should never have happened had government bureaucrats, technocrats, Hospitals and their overseers and elected political party representatives done their respective due diligence on behalf of citizens and patients. 
People must be held accountable and responsible for these actions and deaths. Strict guidelines, rules and regulations were not properly followed, adhered too, or not put in place by hospital and health ministry officials as protocol clearly called for once any decisions were made to outsource pharmacy work and allow Hospital to group purchase drugs. 

Far  too many questions remain unanswered or asked and the public deserves an open transparent public debate and judicial hearings at a minimum. People should be held criminally responsible for those decision that first allowed Marchese Hos[ital Solutions to manufacture chemo drug solutions without being licensed and an accredited pharmacy? 

Secondly when and who were involved in deciding that Hospitals could outsource such chemo pharmacy work without first seeking provincial and federal oversight? 

In addition when and by what authority and from whom were Ontario Hospitals given authority and go ahead with the practice for group purchasing of drugs through companies such as Medbury? 

Officials in government, Hospitals, elected and non elected representative of the public along with senior stakeholders of Marchese Hospital Solutions and Medbury a group seller of drugs to Hospitals all must be held accountable and if warranted be charged with culpable homicide through criminal negligence in my opinion as a mere mortal. 

As it is far to simple and convenient for either Marchase or Medbury to play the blame game by suggesting that Hospitals somehow erred in administering the drug solution provided and not perhaps Medbury the group drug supplier or Marchese a non licensed drug manufacturer!  
For instance how and what proof is there that any hospital erred in administering the drug? Or was the drug possibly diluted prior to their receipt? 

Further what are the contract preparation instructions for the solution that the supplier, Medbuy, followed or perhaps did not follow?   

What is the maximum value to their members by driving costs out of the healthcare system that Medbury follows as stated in their mission statement? 

What are Marchase and Medbuy's specific principles of contract participation and compliance with their product manufacturing and product suppliers? 

The public and patients are deeply upset and demand answers from all parties including this liberal government in Ontario whose track record on health care and governing is disastrous. 

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