Friday, April 12, 2013

Questions about the Chemo Drug Suppliers and Health Care Purchasing Organizations No One is asking! Why?

Could Medbuy and  Marchase be yet another E Health or Orange type healthcare political crisis?

Contrary to what some hospital presidents or politicians have said it is time for both levels of government, provincial and federal to focus investigation resources in immediately getting to the bottom of this error through open and transparent public debate.

The question is at what costs to public safety and product might these two organizations along with Ontario hospital administrators, directors and staff played in either the overfilled or diluting of the chemotherapy cocktails within saline bags sold to these Ontario Hospitals?  

Just how and what proof is there that the hospitals error in administering the drug? Or was the drug possibly diluted prior to their receipt? 

It is far to simple and convenient for either Marchase or Medbury, in my opinion to play the blame game by suggesting hospitals somehow erred in administering the drugs but not Medbury the supplier or Marchase a non licensed drug manufacturer.   

What are the contract preparation instructions for the solution that the supplier, Medbuy, followed or perhaps did not follow?   

What is the maximum value to their members by driving costs out of the healthcare system that Medbury follows as stated in their mission statement? 

What are Marchase and Medbuy's specific principles of contract participation and compliance with their product manufacturing and product suppliers? 

The public and patients are deeply upset and demand answers from all parties including this liberal government in Ontario whose track record on healthcare and governing is disastrous. 

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  1. government monopolies are not good. We live with them for police and military, but they are inefficient and encourage abuse by unions and management. Get in and collect.


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