Saturday, April 27, 2013

Wynne's Liberal Party's Hypocritical Position on Transit Funding Supported by Media

Media Demands Mayor Ford, the Executive and city Council must Speak up on Transit Funding but NOT Wynne and her Liberal Transportation Minister?

The liberal party’s leader and un-elected premier along with her transportation minister both have clearly stated that they both will not now speak up on transit funding for increased taxes or additional tax sources.

As they are the provincial politicians in charge, unlike the regional and city councils and councillors, both politically boast that they do no wish to pre-empt Metrolinx or make any political decision regarding any increased taxes or "additional taxes" that she Wynne, as leader of the liberal party, wants or he as her minister of transportation prefer.

Yet any increased taxes or additional taxes (new revenue sources) are clearly their responsibility as elected provincial officials.  While media outlets all are lambasting Mayor Ford, for taking the exact same political stand of waiting to hear from Metrolinx the provinces transportation agency NOT Toronto council’s? 

Our media outlets no longer report just the facts or news but now attempt to sway the public with their biased non political positions, views and opinions by continually supporting and headlining their political party's position at the expense of others through favoring those issues that they and their party wish to have forced upon the electorate and citizens. That is the way i see it in humble opinion as a mere mortal!   


The Average family with a gross income of 74,113 pays 42.7% for existing taxes.

Based on gross revenues CIBC paid 7.45% in taxes for 2011, RBC 3.3%, in 2012, TD Canada Trust 5.8% and Rogers in 2011 paid $99 Million in taxes on gross revenues of $12.4 BILLION and in 2010 $152 Million is taxes on gross revenues of $12.1 BILLION. (7.9% and 12.6%) 



Metrolinx Appointed Board of Directors

J. Robert S. Prichard, Chair

·                     Stephen Smith, Vice-Chair
·                     Rahul Bhardwaj
·                     Janet Ecker
·                     Joseph Halstead
·                     Richard Koroscil
·                     Frances Lankin
·                     Marianne McKenna
·                     Nicholas Mutton
·                     Lee Parsons
·                     Rose Patten
·                     Bonnie Patterson
·                     Howard Shearer
·                     Douglas Turnbull
·                     Bruce McCuaig, President and CEO

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