Saturday, May 18, 2013

Guilty until Proven Innocent by Toronto Star and Mayor must Go!

Has journalistic ethics gone amuck at the Toronto Star?

A media corporation that has decided to take it upon themselves to be the police, judge, jury and pronounce sentencing based on an staged cell phone video, that is legally unverifiable, and ransomed for millions of dollars to the highest bidder by self confessed Toronto Somali drug dealers.

For close to two months this media organization, after being contacted by these self confessed scumbags, neither informed the authorities (police) or had the ethics to first seek confirmation and substantiate or verify such political  character  assassination attempts for money.

Why since May 3, 2013 or prior did the Toronto Star’s media corporation NOT make any attempts to privately confront the Mayor about such public defamatory allegations?

Here are questions that must be answered by these reports and their employers!

1. For how long and how intimate have these two reporters known these self proclaimed dealers and their sources?

2. Has either of these two reporters ever smoked crack cocaine?

3. Has either of these tow reporters ever bought crack cocaine or other illegal drugs?

4. Did the Star or these two reporters pay to see the staged video or purchase drugs from these or other sources?

5. Were either of these two reporters the anonymous voice on the staged cell phone video asking the questions?

6. Did either of these two reporters participate in the making of this cell phone video?
7. Did any Toronto Star reporter, journalist or employee participate in any way with the making of this unverified video or attempt to entrap the Mayor to create a story for enhancing circulation and sales? 
8. Did these two reporters at any time prior to the release of the story advise the police about their ongoing contacts with these or other drug dealers in Toronto?

It is apparent to this individual at least that the Toronto Star has had a political axe to grind with this Mayor since his election as Mayor.

With this latest story from the Star about the Mayor it is my opinion that the Toronto Star media corporation has not ensured  that this video and related unverifiable information from such dubious  sources whose motives are in question have not been  grounded in fact and have in no way been  verified independently by the journalist as stated in their own Section 1: Ethics and Excellence: or Accuracy and Corrections or Fair Play and Payments to Sources.

The reality of this ongoing story rests with the very questionable and dubious sources and motives for monetary gain at the direct expense of the Mayors public person and his political reputation.

For the Star’s editorial to be stating “Time to go, Mr. Mayor “ before their own reporters have themselves answered some very pointed questions relating to their own involvement in this unverifiable staged cell phone video does not itself in any way meet an editorial or journalistic smell test.  

We all must be mindful that the Star has had an ongoing public vendetta against this Mayor since his election based on a political platform that is contrary to that of the Star’s collective liberal socialism.

With that in mind to me it is obvious that once again the Star media corporation has backed a muckraking article and rushed to judgment based on their frenzy mob rule reporting by pronouncing by reference that the Mayor must be guilty and sentenced by the media to resign from a political public office before the Mayor has had the right to a legal trial based on permitted and factual allowable evidence in our courts of law?

Do editorial ethics even exist at the Toronto Star or are they just words on paper?  


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  1. What if I do not trust the Star, even if they have a point. They have hated Ford from day one. Always have, always will. Someone in their editorial section maybe should wake up.


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