Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Metrolinx’s Future Liberal Ontario is New & Increased Taxes on Families & Individuals but NOT for Corporate Taxes?

With the latest and final report from the liberal party government’s Transportation agency, Metrolinx, it’s no wonder why Toronto’s media is hooked on reporting daily stories from their anonymous sources about alleged crack gossip and hearsay!

That way they can distract the voters and taxpayers daily attention away from the next tax grab by this liberal government under the guise of transit funding for the GTHA.

And conceivably diverting said new and increased taxes to balance the books for their never-ending and unsustainable socialized liberal programs due to lack of any specific legislation that might demand otherwise!

Metrolinx’s proposed tax gouging recommendations are in the Full

A quick recap shows Ontarians that $50 Billion for 32 minutes and 400 kilometers of street car LRT lines but No new highways to offset the $1,600 dollars families, with cars one assumes, apparently spends a year for the cost of highway or public transit congestion?

This proposed lifetime of tax increases on our youth and elderly for generations yet to come for such public transit has been hailed by the current liberal party Premier Kathleen Wynne as “paramount in improving peoples’ quality of life”?  

Hopefully in a democratic society such as ours, providing this liberal government does not once again prorogue the legislature for political purposes, you and I as the Joe taxpaying citizens shall be the ultimate judge of such proposed political party tax increase through our votes.   

Is this Hilarious or Historic? 

The final recap shows us, this “historic and high point of civic or provincial vision and responsibility,” as stated by lifelong career politicians and media corporations. 

A lifetime of increasing and new taxes on individuals and families but not corporations taxes, banks or multinational union organizations. 

Results in a 9% sales tax, on top of the current 5% GST, and 25.7 cents per litre transit gasoline tax (5 cent increase) plus a 25 cents per day on those commercial parking lots based on property values, a 15% increase on development charges that shall increase without a doubt the price of a new condo or hose by the same amount and to get us all from driving our cars or remain taking go trains, LRT’s or subways a daily $2 to $4 dollar increase for parking? 

Oh I forgot a new land value capture along current or future transit lines!    

This Plan that Wynne’s Provincial agency Metrolinx presented has No guarantee that additional and new taxes shall be specifically for transit purposes!

Get the picture why Toronto’s media is hooked on crack gossip and hearsay stories from their anonymous sources!


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