Friday, May 31, 2013

Premier Wynne’s Transit Tax Addiction Historic or Mismanagement?

Have political party’s and their puppet representatives all gone mad or obsessed with anonymous sources of gossip; hearsay and pollsters?

The liberal party’s government through their transit agency Metrolinx and Wynne as Premier insist on advising us that such increased and new taxes are “paramount in improving peoples quality of life” along with other career politicians supported by the socialists media corporations tell us tax increases and new taxes represent an “historic and high point of civic or provincial vision and responsibility?”

Her government’s support for proposed new taxes for “improving people’s quality of life” would result in a lifetime of increased and new taxes.  In addition to the average Jane and Joe family of four who already has to fork out 42.7% or ($31, 646) from an income of $74,113 for existing government taxes.

69% of Ontarians Do Not Support gasoline tax increases that Kathleen Wynne’s and her liberal political party’s government’s agency Metrolinx has proposed!

66% further on average Do Not Support any new or increased taxes for Metrolinx $50 Billion big move GTHA transit plan, according a Forum research tool?

It is obvious that Ontario taxpayers are not buying into this latest proposed tax grab to pay for the Provinces $50 Billion big move for 32 minutes in future congestion time savings?

Not when the middle class Jane and Joe Ontario family is already paying $31,646 in government taxes considering and that the Ontario’s portion from the 39.47 cent per litre of existing gas taxes was supposedly solely for public transit, highways and bridges but found its way into the governments’ general revenues over the past 10 years or longer.

For the last 35 years the Provincial members of the legislature, the Federal members of parliament who represent their political parties throughout the Province and the GTHA, along with Toronto councillors and the TTC, ALL have not been able to come up with a meaningful and lasting funding arrangement that includes public transit and our existing highways and bridges!

It seems of late that they all are more consumed with unsubstantiated and legally unverifiable media stories generated by anonymous sources based on hearsay and gossip? While the Province’s operating debt contuses spiraling out of control to the tune of $281 Billion in debt!

How any taxpaying Ontarian, regardless of political party preference, in their right mind could continue supporting this liberal party’s government’s relentless addictive substance spending abuse coupled with their $3 Billion mismanagement of our current tax dollars with the likes of the politically canceled gas plants, on top of E. Health fiscal, Orange fraud, Energy stupidity and Chemo Drug disaster simply defies logic let alone common sense, in my humble opinion.  

If any politician is worried, as the Premier of this Province would have you believe it most definitely should not be about press generated gossip and hearsay allegations, that have not been dealt with through the justice system bur rather a mob rule mentality of public opinion, then it should be about the financial affairs of the Province, the city of Toronto and overall increasing operating debts of municipalities across Ontario.   

Prior to our oversized figure of a Mayor, which medical speaking is no fault of his own, and his administration political policies based on fiscal transparency and fiscal responsibility, the city’s spending increased by 60% while inflation rose by 23% over the same ten year period.

A $1.9 Billion one year increase in operating debt through spending from the current debt of $9.8 Billion to $11.7 Billion in debt for 2014 is how this Premier’s provincial administration kicked started her political agenda for the taxpayers of Ontario. Which now brings Ontario’s overall debt to $281 BILLION dollars that shall fall on the shoulders of our youth as taxpayers for the next three to four generation or longer.

Why is it that the media is not worried about the Ontario legislature and its financial turmoil that has cost BILLIONS of dollars and as a political party government continues to be out of control?

Personally, would have to agree with councilor Ford, the Mayors brother that this Premier and new liberal party leader “should take care of the problems that she has at Queens Park, right now.”  

When shall someone tell this liberal party and its leader that the majority of Ontario taxpayers think it would be far better if she were able to deal with her political party’s continued substance addiction of spending and increasing taxpayers debt at an out of control rate?   

Keep in mind that the corporate tax rate remains at 11.5% compared to average Jane and Joe’s middle class family taxes of 42.7%!  

Get the picture why Toronto’s media corporations are hooked on allegations of crack gossip and hearsay from anonymous sources and self proclaimed drug dealers?  

Any new or increased taxes for transit or congestion must come from an increase in the corporate tax rate by 1% or 3% and must include a transit tax on unions and banks.  

The people have spoken! It is scandalous to ask Ontarians or Torontonians to suck-up yet another little new sales tax increase of 1%, that over the years would quickly become 5% or more, would not come close to the annual BILLIONS of dollars needed to fund any new subways, let alone LRT’s or the current infrastructure requirements for existing operations and never-ending fare and salary increases of the TTC, is scandalous.

Especially considering that my proposal for a 1%-3% corporate tax increase for transit congestion levy on all Banks, Unions and corporations operating in Canada and Ontario could generate $6 Billion annually for all existing public transit in Canadian cities including Toronto!


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