Saturday, May 25, 2013

Time for Toronto Star, to Put Up or Fold on Phantom Ford Video?

First there is NO substantiated or legally verified confirmation that the Mayor of Toronto was smoking any illegal substance as alleged by self proclaimed Toronto drug dealers and community organizers as suggested on their phantom video being ransomed off to the highest bidder for profit so they can reestablish their illegal trade in another jurisdiction.
The legally worded statement of the Mayor would suggest that he is defiantly keeping all options open for a liable and defamation lawsuit against his political motivated media accusers.
We do not know that Mr. Ford, as Gawker alleges that they know, “ Ford used to smoke crack cocaine” itself a libelous, defamatory utterance that remains unproven and unsubstantiated on Gawker’s blog part and that of the Toronto Star media corporation.
There is NO legal evidence that Ford did or did not to smoke crack cocaine or any other yet confirmed or verified illegal substance rather allegations, assumptions and hearsay nothing else that has resulted in this attempted political lynching and ongoing character assassination of Toronto’s Mayor with out legal proof.
Recap, supposedly somewhere in this universe a staged phantom video has been used as media evidence, through hearsay, both of which would not be acceptable as evidence in any court of law, to libel and defame an elected public official for purely political purposes or to heighten awareness of ones blog or increase a print medias circulation and bottom line!
Best we all remember that forgotten saying of let the person without sin cast the first stone!

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